Move Out & Cleaning Instructions

Guidelines for the Move-Out Inspection & Cleaning Procedure

To ensure a smooth move-out process and maximize your deposit refund, follow the guidelines for a stress-free departure. 

Important Need-To-Knows: 

  • Settle any outstanding balances for rent or pre-paid cleaning. 
  • Disable any automatic payments through Appfolio. 
  • Begin preparations for your upcoming move-out. 
  • Return Keys by the specified move-out date in your notice. 
  • Note that inspections occur after key returns and joint inspections with renters are no longer conducted. 
  • Maintaining a clean living space during your occupancy will significantly reduce your move-out workload. 


  • Remove all personal items and trash from the entire property, including the yard, and garage. Ensure city-issued trash receptacles are empty, clean, and placed either inside the garage or at the side of the building. Leaving bulk trash at the curb on inspection day incurs a minimum $300 trash removal fee.
  • Keep utilities (Electric and Water) on during the inspection and for three (3) business days after the scheduled date. Failure to do so results in charges for utility reactivation and a re-inspection fee. 
  • Restore bare areas and dog holes in the yard. Pick up all animal feces before the inspection. 
  • Professionally clean carpets one (1) day before the move-out inspection. Provide the cleaning receipt upon key return. Note that using rental machines or a handwritten receipt is not acceptable.  
  • Clean the entire property thoroughly, including appliances, cabinets, garages, ceilings, floors, walls, windows, etc. Ensure cleanliness from top to bottom, addressing dirt, grime, food stains, marks, hair, and other residues. 
  • Specific cleaning requirements for various areas include:
    • Non-carpeted floors: Sweep, mop, vacuum, and disinfect. 
    • Walls, baseboards, and doorframes: Wipe down, and clean switches, and plates. 
    • Windows/screens: Clean inside and out, including tracks and frames. 
    • Blinds: Dust and wash blinds
    • Ceiling fans: Clean the entire fan, including blades, brackets, and light fixtures. 
  • Additional considerations: 
    • All light bulbs must be working and suitable for each fixture. 
    • Doorstops should be in place and undamaged. 
    • Avoid attempting to fill or touch up paint. 
    • Ensure a flea-free environment if you have pets. 

Important notes: 

  • Prior to the inspection, conduct your own wet wipe test across surfaces to ensure thorough cleanliness. 


PRICE LIST– For normal cleaning only, subject to change without notice


Light bulbs $10 and up

Window screen $95 and up

Stove Hood Filter $50

Each Mini Blind $50 and up

2 inch faux wood blinds $125 and up

Satellite dish removal $300

Doorstops $12

Re-inspection fee $50

A/C Filter $40

Painting $300 and up

Smoke Alarm/Carbon mon. battery $20 ea.

Stove Drip Pan $15 each

Clogged drains, toilets $100 and up

Min. carpet stain removal $150



Trash Removal $150 and up

No electricity or water $50 each

Animal/Human odor $200 minimum

Animal hair removal $150 minimum 

Animal feces removal from yard $100 and up

Power Washing $95 and up 

A/C service call for dirty filter $275

Pest control fleas/roaches $200 min

Toilet Seats $50 and up

Cleaning of city-issued trash cans $45 and up

Washer/dryer hose removal $30

Removal of nails, tacks, and command hooks $50 and up

Garage Door Replacement $1250

Painting of Replaced Garage Door $200


Please note that prices are inclusive of material purchase, stocking, delivery, installation, labor charge, and applicable tax. Unlisted deficiencies will incur additional separate charges. 

Residents are responsible for leaving the home clean and damage-free. Cooperation is appreciated, and security deposit statements are processed within 30 days of key surrender, as allowed by law. 


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